Saturday, July 9, 2011

Workout 7 July 2011

I started out with an hour on the Power Plate with a workout partner, trading exercises. For the first few, we did 30 seconds and then bumped it up to 45 seconds. Each exercise was completed two times in a row, consecutively.

The workout:
Segmented squat
Lunge to balance
Split squat

Seated row
Push-up feet elevated
Bent-over row
Wide grip push-up

Lateral plank
Front plank single leg
Straight leg lateral plank, arm and leg raised
Front plank, single arm

After a snack break, I went to training some basic kettlebell exercises for the upcoming RKC.

TGU, 2 each side, 12kg
Face the wall squats, 8 (bodyweight)
Overhead kettlebell walk, 12kg
Pump drill
Overhead presses, 5 each side, 8kg
Good morning stretch: 16kg

I completed the circuit twice. However, my left shoulder was giving me some real trouble so I ended the workout early. I lost the overhead lockout in the beginning of my second round of Turkish Get-ups, which has never happened before. I powered through it because I know I'm capable of much more, but my shoulder is feeling worse. I've given my body two days of rest since this workout and I'm currently icing my shoulder. I'm self-diagnosing rotator cuff tendonitis and treating it accordingly. Definitely no overhead drills for at LEAST a week. I'm five weeks out from the RKC and have to take really good care of it so I can complete the snatch test that I'm dieting down really hard for.

Take-away lesson: do not attempt kettlebell training immediately after a power plate workout. My musculoskeletal and nervous systems can't handle it!

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