Thursday, July 14, 2011

Workout 13 July 2011

More kettlebell cardio :)


I used my 12kg kettlebell and had a rough work to rest ratio of 1:2

2-arm swings, 1:00
1-arm swings, 1:00 (0:30 ea)
2-arm swings, 1:15
1-arm swings, 1:15 (0:38 ea)
2-arm swings, 1:30
1-arm swings, 1:30 (0:45 ea)
At this point, I applied some light chalk to the handle of the kettlebell and to my hands. I was getting kind of sweaty.
2-arm swings, 1:45
1-arm swings, 1:45 (0:52 ea)
2-arm swings, 2:00
It was VERY hard to go 2:00 straight. Like, dying.
1-arm swings, 2:00 (0:30 x 4)
I switched after every 0:30 which made it manageable, but I was still dying at the end.

My goal is to do cardio like this and increase the weight to make it to 5:00 with the 16kg. It makes sense that if I can do that, a 5:00 snatch test with the 12kg should be a piece of cake. We'll see how this progresses!

37 days till the RKC in San Diego, and I still have 5 lbs to lose...

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