Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Workout 6 July 2011



I did sets of 16 repetitions (and also 16+16 when doing two sides instead of 8+8) and used the workout straight from my TRX Suspension Training Course manual.

Balance lunge
Chest press
Overhead back extension (with hip hinge)
45 degree row
Standing roll out
Biceps curl
Suspended hamstring curl
Suspended crunch
Y deltoid raise
Hip drop
Side plank
Swimmer's pull
Torso rotations

I'm a bit freaked out about needing to drop a few pounds by August 19th for my RKC certification. The weight requirement for 100 snatches in 5 minutes using the 12kg is under 123.5 pounds. Anyone over 123.5 lbs has to use the 16kg. Before the 4th of July weekend (translation: too much wine and way too many of my famous made-from-scratch cookies) I was consistently weighing in at 123.4 lbs. BUT that is without clothes on first thing in the morning, and I haven't dared to weigh myself after last weekend. At the RKC I will be weighed in public on an official scale. No room to be too close to the target weight so I have to aim for at least 5 lbs under it to be safe. So no more sugar or wine for me! This is going to be tough.

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