Sunday, July 17, 2011

Workout 16 July 2011


Double kettlebells!

Similar to the workout I did on the 4th of July, the line-up this time (also using 2 8kg kettlebells) was:

Double squat
Double swing
Double windmill
Double clean and press
Double snatches
Double get-up sit-up

I did 5 rounds of 8 repetitions each. I also had a callous that was tearing so I had to take time to attend to that. With my supreme attention to diet and attempt to not overeat, I don't think I had enough carbohydrates to get through this workout as well as I could have. I'm increasing my carb intake for breakfast to try to get more out of my workouts.

I went swimming for 25 minutes later in the afternoon. I just did easy laps back and forth, sometimes racing my daughter. It was a nice change in pace.

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