Friday, July 22, 2011

Workout 21 July 2011

I practiced Turkish Get-Ups with the 8kg, 12kg, and 16kg kettlebells. The 16kg was stronger than I was anticipating, since my shoulder is still acting funny.

Two sets of each exercise followed. I did the first set with the 8kg and the second set with the 12kg.
5 1-arm swings followed by 5 squat to presses.
6+6 squat with the 12kg racked and 8kg overhead
1-leg contralateral deadlift
clean to catch (a fun one!)
cossack lunges
1-leg bent row (really difficult)
double snatch (I could only do 1 rep with two 12kg kettlebells. I wasn't feeling confident with it)
deck squats (bodyweight but totally solid)
halo from the waist

I ran out of time before I could do more!

I also did some leg and ab exercises on the TRX for about 40 minutes around 3 hours later. It felt nice to use the TRX for more than just training demos.

Looking forward to my heavy workout tomorrow.

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