Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Workout 28 June 2011


Kettlebell circuit, 2x

20 2-arm swings, 16kg
10 renegade rows, 2- 12kg
5+5 sots press, 10lbs
10 double get-up sit-up, 10lbs x1, 15lbs x2
5+5 one-leg squat on 2nd from smallest plyo box
5+5 snatch, 16kg

I wanted to go heavier on the double get-up sit-up but I couldn't find the floor trainer to hold my feet either time. My hip flexors are sore today, and I think it's from trying to keep my legs flat on the ground through the entire range of motion.

Ok, a word about the sots press. It looked totally do-able, challenging, and fun, so I started with an 8kg kettlebell. And I was stunned that I couldn't do it. So I went down to a 15-lb kettlebell, a size that I don't ever touch. Still a no-go. I actually had to use a 10-lb kettlebell, and it was still challenging as hell. I tweaked my left shoulder while trying the 8kg and 15-lb sizes so I won't do any overhead loading for a few days till it calms down.

I knew I was doing the right thing by backing down in size before trying something new, because form matters more than weight. I just wasn't prepared for how much lighter I'd have to go to get it right. Lesson learned!

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