Thursday, June 16, 2011

Workout 16 June 2011


TRX Supersets- with a partner sharing the TRX

Reps: 16 or 8 per side, each superset repeated twice

A Squat
B Suspended lunge

A Row with rotation
B Press with leg in front

A Torso rotation
B Reverse plank with pull-through

A Suspended abducted lunge
B 1-leg hip press

A Overhead back extension with hip hinge
B High plank combo: crunch, pike, oblique crunch, oblique crunch


TRX Class- Tabata (0:20 on, 0:10 rest x 8)

Hip Drop
Row, alternating low and high with each set
Suspended lunge, alternating abducted and regular
Low plank abs (plank, body saw, crunches, oblique crunches, pike, etc)
Chest, alternating press and fly and alternating 1-leg

I needed a light workout day, so this was a great choice. I also have to wait for a ripped blister on my hand to heal from all those swings I did yesterday before I can do too many swings or snatches again.

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