Thursday, June 23, 2011

Workout 23 June 2011


Due to an excessive sleep deficit and pain in my ankle yesterday, I did not do a workout. I was still feeling very tired today but knew that I needed to make myself do a workout anyway for consistency. Once I got going, I was able to enjoy it. I'm already feeling the effects of it and am glad I made myself do it.

I wasn't feeling very creative, so I chose to do:


I had an 8kg kettlebell and a TRX with me, so I did 8 reps (or 4+4) of each

Squat, straight-leg deadlift
Squat, DL, row
Squat, DL, row, chest press
Squat, DL, row, press, windmill
Squat, DL, row, press, windmill, hip drop
Squat, DL, row, press, windmill, hip drop, alternating 1-arm swings (16 reps)

Swings, hip drop
Swings, hip drop, windmill
Swings, hip drop, windmill, press
Swings, hip drop, windmill, press, row
Swings, hip drop, windmill, press, row, DL
Swings, hip drop, windmill, press, row, DL, squat

For the DL, I was standing with my heels on the edge of the walkway and my toes hanging over so the handle of the kettlebell ended up level with my feet. I got a fantastic stretch out of it.

For the windmill, I went down until the palm of my free hand was level with the sand. I loaded the kettlebell overhead. Also a fantastic stretch.

I used the TRX for the squats, row, press, and hip drop. I used the kettlebell for the others.

There were 8 rounds of each exercise total, so for everything except the swings, I did 64 repetitions (or 32 per side for the ones that were 4+4). It ended up being 128 one-arm swings, 64 per arm.

View from my workout space :)

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