Sunday, June 12, 2011

Workout 12 June 2011

I've been sick from March-May with bad sinus infections and put on strong antibiotics, which has kept me from exercising. I'm fed up with being sick and am ready to get back into the "swing" of things. I've been working out for a few weeks and am now going to record my workouts and share them. I hope to inspire anyone who comes across this blog and give some ideas of workouts and progressions. I want to clarify that I am intermediate- advanced with kettlebells and TRX, with 10 years and 3 years experience, respectively. If there are any questions about how to do these exercises safely and properly, please find a fitness professional in your area (RKC for kettlebells and personal training TRX certified instructor for TRX). Happy Training!

12:30pm-1:20pm Kettlebell circuit, 2 rounds

~1-leg squats on 2nd from smallest plyo box: 5 each

~Turkish Get-Up alternating sides with kneeling windmill and overhead squat: 3 each w/ 8kg, round 2: 2 each w/ 12kg plus 1 each regular TGU

~Deck squats: 8 w/ 8kg, round 2: 10 w/ 8kg

~1-leg deadlift: 8 each with 16kg, round 2: 10 each with 16kg

~Double swings and snatches: 10 each with 2 8kg

9:40pm-10:00pm Kettlebell cardio

10kg kettlebell

format: 2-arm, 1-arm, assisted pull-ups

~20, 10+10, 5
~30, 15+15, 6
~40, 20+20, 7
~20, 10+10, 5
~30, 15+15, 6
~40, 20+20 WIPED OUT!

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