Monday, April 2, 2012

Practice, practice, practice

I've had a rough few days. Today is day 4 of no pain medication. I never taper off the meds I take because I hate taking things, so I go cold turkey. Apparently I don't learn my lesson because it never gets easier. I was feeling better today, but I've had to trade being productive for going through withdrawal and being in pain. I've spent the last few days in bed again, and I haven't enjoyed it.

Today's practice began outside, in perfect 73 degree weather with a slight breeze, with the usual joint mobility and three rounds of 1-2-3 presses with the 8 kg. My left shoulder had been a little bit crunchy at my last workout so I was being extra cautious today. Then I had a little bit of fun (all with 8 kg):

Overhead squat, 5+5
Goblet squat, 5
Partial get-up, 5+5
Windmill, 5+5
Cossack lunge, 5+5
1-leg DL, 5+5 (with assistance on the right side, touching a tetherball pole for balance)

I was elated to be able to do the 1-leg deadlifts, even with assistance. It wasn't too long ago I wasn't even able to put weight down on my right foot, and now I can exercise on it. Very exciting. The windmills and OH squats felt amazing with the flexibility. I'm making good progress with the goblet squats. I think my femur might have gotten to parallel this time. I spend a lot of time working on mobility in my foot and ankle, and have even gotten the joints moving enough to crack on occasion. I had no idea it would be such a long process to get movement in the joint back. It's still pretty darn locked.

When I got home, I did three rounds of 5-10-15 2-arm swings with the 16 kg. I'm working very hard on getting my glutes back up to speed! The swings felt more comfortable and evenly balanced this time.

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