Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Putting the "super" in supersets

I was in the mood for some TRX tonight, so I did some basic supersets. 10 reps (or 10 each side), ABAB format.

Balance lunge (still assisted on right)


Hip Drop
Standing roll-out

Reverse plank with pull-through/ low pike
Body saw/ low pendulum

For the last round of supersets, I switched it up a little. One set of each of the 4 exercises. Putting my foot through the strap isn't very comfortable yet, so I stick with low plank for the ab work. I don't trust my foot to be stable enough to risk high plank yet.

I love how the most basic of workouts can be so effective. My body was shaking as I walked off the playground. Since attending the RKC and Hardstyle Ventura, my TRX training has turned into more of a mind-body practice. I love it.

I hope to do a TRX/ kettlebell workout soon!

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