Friday, March 30, 2012

Getting strong!

I think tonight's workout spanned about 3 hours. Since being on bed rest, I've watched several TV series on Netflix. I'm almost done with Law and Order: SVU, so I happened to have some episodes on instead of music while practicing strength tonight. It allowed me to slow down the pace and focus completely on my body in the movements instead of getting caught up in the music. I also made a quick dinner for the kids mid-workout and was in no rush whatsoever. It felt great to not have any sort of a time limit.

I finally got high-top Chuck Taylor shoes, and they are AMAZING. I love the ankle support. I've refused to work out in the air cast boot because it causes more problems than the support it provides. I wish I'd gotten around to getting high-tops before now.

I started with the usual joint mobility. I've done the same sequence from Pavel's Super Joints video since 2002. It's gold. Then strict overhead press practice, three rounds of 1-2-3 with the 8 kg. I did some naked (body weight) Turkish get-ups, and was more stable on the left side than the last time I'd done them. I think the ankle support from the shoes helped with that. I'm still struggling with flexibility in my foot but there are small improvements every day. Same with my walking gait. Today is my third day without using crutches. I'm in a bit more pain but I'm making it through. That's part of why my workouts have been so irregular. I struggle to balance the pain with making progress. I don't like to do workouts when I've had too much pain medication. I can't focus on my body as well.

I practiced some bottoms-up cleans, three rounds of 3, with the 8 kg. I really need to cut my fingernails! I can't make a tight fist when they're long. Next came two rounds of some abdominal work. First round led with the right side and second round led with the left.

Get-up sit-up, 8 kg, 4+4
Windmill, 8 kg, 4+4
Ab circles, body weight, 8 circles in each direction

I got a 16 kg kettlebell for some swing work. I hadn't tried heavy swings yet, but I felt like I was ready to try. I did 5 focused deadlifts first to make sure I was stable, and I was. I did 5 rounds of 10 2-arm swings, and it felt fantastic. My leg muscles have atrophied quite a bit (as did my glutes, which was depressing), so I had to really focus on using both sides equally and contracting all the necessary muscles. I worry about favoring my left side, since my right side wasn't in use for almost 4 months straight. My calf muscles have been tightening up since I'm walking more, so I have to stretch them a lot. It's hard to stretch my right side since the ankle joint is so locked up. I think I need to start making the salt water hot tub more of a priority to work on walking and massage. I've only been in once since I was cleared to use the pool. The heat is much more appealing than the regular pool, though it is heated as well.

It's been great to be out and about more, and the workouts are feeling great!

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