Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pain, no sleep, and a midnight workout

I'm completely off my sleep schedule thanks to an awesome late night out in Hollywood on Saturday. I hadn't been sleeping well before and haven't slept much since. The kids being on spring break isn't helping either. I made the switch to tramadol for my pain, and it really zaps my strength. I'm back to being more productive though, which is a great thing. I saw my doctor again today and he thinks the stiffness and lack of motion in my ankle is due to the scar tissue formation around my wound scar. I worked on it while watching Smash before my workout tonight, and it felt a little better. I asked if I was going to start physical therapy soon, and he said it was up to me. I asked if I would learn anything and he said no, so I agreed to keep doing my own rehab.

Joint mobility felt great as usual. I was a little weak starting the overhead presses, which isn't totally unexpected since I haven't pressed in a week. After my first ladder of 1-2-3 with the 8 kg, I picked up a 10 kg and pressed it to see how it felt in comparison to the 8 kg. It almost seemed easier, maybe because the handle is thicker and easier to squeeze. I happened to have two 10 kg kettlebells sitting there, so I did two double 10 kg presses just for the heck of it. It felt nice. I finished my last two rounds of 1-2-3 and then worked on get-ups with the 8 kg. My right side is solid and feels amazing but my left side is still shaky on the push up to standing and descent from not being able to tuck my toes under my foot. It's getting a little better though. I was able to stabilize by reaching out to my dresser. I used the video camera in my laptop to double check my form, and it all looks great.

For a quick burst of cardio (at 1 am) I finished with three rounds of 10 2-arm swings and 5+5 1-arm swings with the 16 kg. The cardio felt great but my grip was very weak for the 1-arm swings. Next time I'll make the walk out to the garage to get a 12 or 14 kg for the 1-arm work. I'm hurting too much tonight to walk through the house with kettlebells. I'll bring them in when I'm wearing my walking boot and am fresh on pain meds later.

My Workshop

Where is your favorite place (or places) to work out? Inside, outside, or anywhere there's some equipment?

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