Sunday, April 15, 2012

Swings keep me warm at night

I was feeling kind of cold tonight, so I started my workout in a long-sleeved shirt. I thought I'd add 10 swings with the 16 kg between each rung of presses, and I ended up changing into a camisole workout top by the third rung. It was a great change to the normal pressing ladder, and I got a lot of swings in while staying very, very warm. I even had to open my sliding door to let some cool air in.

Joint mobility
10 warm-up swings with the 10 kg
8 kg press ladder with 10 16 kg 2-arm swings between each rung
(1 press, 10 swings, 2 presses, 10 swings, 3 presses, 10 swings, 4 presses, 10 swings, 5 presses, 10 swings)

I did the press/ swing ladder twice for a total of 100 swings! (110 counting the warm-up) I'm feeling solid with the 8 kg and will move up to the 10 kg soon. I just need to comfortably get to 5 ladders of 5 first. I'm not taking any chances with progressing too fast.

I had a breakthrough on Friday the 13th with foot and ankle mobility, so I was excited to try some get-ups. I did two on each side, alternating, with the 8 kg. My left side has never been so solid, but I'm only at about 80% stability. I will get to 100% before increasing the weight. My toes are tucking under my foot but not as much as necessary. Getting closer!

Then came 5+5 windmills with the 8 kg. It felt great.

I went to the garage and brought a 24 kg in for some deadlifts. I did 4 sets of 5, and it felt fabulous to use so much weight and feel so good about it. This was the first time I've used something heavier than the 16 kg. Progress :)

I finished up with some more joint mobility. I feel great about tonight's workout.

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