Monday, March 19, 2012

The Game of Life

I had received some text messages from a few of my clients asking when I'd be back at work because they really wanted to train with me. I contacted my management at Equinox to let them know I was ready to come back on a limited basis. After a couple of meetings, I was told that since I'd been gone over 16 weeks, I would have to go through the interview process again to be re-hired. I never imagined I'd be gone as long as I was, or that I'd have to earn my job back. The thought of starting over from square one in my condition isn't the happiest or most welcome of thoughts, so it made me do some serious thinking. Ultimately, I decided not to return to work and to stay home to take care of my kids and myself. This past year had been really challenging for all of us, and I feel the need to put my family as my top priority.

I'm still in a tremendous amount of pain. At my doctor's visit this morning, he reassured me that it wasn't surprising, given the 7 cm (2.8 inch) long hole in my heel left from the screw coming out as well as the side of my foot being open to the bone for six weeks. I take pain medication daily to get through being on my feet long enough to cook meals and do dishes. Even after I'm on my feet for an hour or so, I'm forced back to my bed to rest for another few hours. Walking is extremely painful, and my ankle joint is still very locked up. My doctor said that I'm not ready for physical therapy until my pain diminishes. I still rely on my crutches in the morning and at night to help me along. I can go without most of the day just being around the house, but it's not easy or comfortable.

Being forced on the sidelines for this long under these circumstances hasn't been easy for me. I'm having some side effects from the four recent bouts of anesthesia just like I had five years ago when I went under anesthesia for six hours. I took a prescription medication for a year to manage the side effects, and I hoped to never need to go back on the drug again. I'm trying an herbal supplement this time around and hoping it will be enough. I'm doing better but it's still hard. I've applied to volunteer with the Wounded Warrior Athlete Reconditioning Program at Camp Pendleton, and I think if I can make it down there a couple of times a week, it will also help with my recovery. I really want to give back and help others going through similar situations.

For now, I'm just taking it one day at a time. Some days are better than others, and I'm still having some trouble sleeping. The support of my friends and family has meant the world to me during all of this. Thank you.

The terrifying-looking 7 cm long (2.8 inch) hardware that had been drilled
into my heel and then removed after only 12 weeks:

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