Wednesday, March 21, 2012

TRX Playtime

First full-on TRX workout post-op.

I'd been feeling guilty about spending more time rearranging furniture than doing my workouts this week, so I headed to the playground for today's session. It was perfect, 73 and sunny with a light breeze.

I didn't have a lot of time, so I did a quick (but brutal) simple pyramid format. 8 reps each (or 4+4 of one-arm):

Squat, row
Squat, row, standing roll-out
Squat, row, standing roll-out, press
Squat, row, standing roll-out, press, lunge

some pull-up practice using the assistance band during the halfway break point, and realized I'm still way stronger in underhand pull-ups than overhand ones

Lunge, press
Lunge, press, hip drop
Lunge, press, hip drop, power pull
Lunge, press, hip drop, power pull, squat

Squat variations included regular, narrow, plie (no single-leg squats for awhile on my bad leg, but I did a few in my warm-ups on my good leg).
Lunge variations included regular balance (assisted on my bad side) and oblique.
I got bored with the standing roll-out and changed it to the hip drop for the second half. Same with the row/ power pull switch-a-roo.

My body started shaking before the first half of the workout was over, but I kept on. The lunges felt amazing on my quads for flexibility.

I was hurting pretty badly after this one, but I'm getting more mobility out of my ankle when I use it more. I had to quickly grab a snack (avocado and clementine, washed down with some mango Lassi) before my dentist appointment. I would have munched on some raw almonds in the car on the drive over, but didn't want to show up to the dentist without having freshly brushed my teeth! I was really looking forward to my appointment because my dentist was also one of my favorite clients at Equinox. It was really neat to be on the receiving side of service after months of training him. Even though I got shafted in the foot department, the people that made me gave me exceptionally good teeth :)

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