Monday, May 21, 2012

Moving on...

I did a quick pre-flight workout on May 16th. Simply three sets of alternating 16 kg 2-arm swings (15) with double 8 kg presses (3). I felt great before the cross-country flight without spending much time or getting sweaty. I didn't have any tightness in my back from the flight like I usually have either.

I spent a few days around the NYC area. First of all, beware those with mobility problems. There are steps EVERYWHERE. Escalators were frequently broken. There are LARGE step-downs from trains and buses. Usually I enjoy stairs but I don't have enough range of motion in my right ankle to go down regularly. I have to take it one step at a time, which is annoying especially with a backpack and suitcase. Going up isn't a problem. If I tried to go down regularly, I would be pitched forward and land on my face. Ah recovery.

Also in NYC, the sidewalks, streets, and pretty much every walking surface anywhere isn't completely level. That made it very challenging to walk around in dress shoes. I did attempt heels, and that lasted for about 90 seconds before I stopped to change back into flats. Couldn't do it. I was even on double the regular dose of pain medication, which I had stopped earlier that week but used during my trip. I haven't taken any since I've been home. I'm keeping up with taking two 800 mg ibuprofen daily. I think it's helped the inflammation quite a bit. I'm due to go in for another CT in the next week. We'll see what that has to say about my recovery.

One of the highlights of my trip was hanging out with some RKCs, Ari and Liz. We talked some shop and some not-shop over extraordinarily good coffee (decaf for me) and yummy baked goodies. I can't wait to see them again. Very, very good times.

My first workout back was this morning. I headed up to Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach because I really needed to get out of the house. I realized on the drive up that I forgot my training shoes, and decided to do my kettlebell portion outside. Who uses the handicapped parking at a gym? Why that would be me, carrying my TRX and workout stuff in my backpack and farmers walking with a 10 kg and a 16 kg kettlebell, of course. It was another perfect 72 degree day, so I set myself up on a nicely sized slab of concrete outside and stripped my shoes and socks off before beginning joint mobility. By the end of the swings, the concrete was getting a little too hot to stand on.

10 kg presses, 1+2+3, 4 rounds
8:00 16 kg 2-arm swings (wanted to do 1-arm but didn't have any chalk with me, and was entirely too sweaty to attempt it), 8 sets of 10 (kept it nice and light).

Next came the TRX portion. I did some nice strength pyramids, keeping reps to 6 on each side, or 6 total.

Balance lunge
Balance lunge, power pull
Balance lunge, power pull, crunch
Balance lunge, power pull, crunch, flye
Balance lunge, power pull, crunch, flye, squat

Squat, flye
Squat, flye, crunch
Squat, flye, crunch, power pull
Squat, flye, crunch, power pull, balance lunge

By the third round of balance lunges, I was not using assistance on the right leg. That's a definite first. Oblique balance lunges were MUCH easier than regular ones. By the second round of crunches, I was doing high plank, focusing on everything I learned at Hardstyle Ventura about keeping the body locked and in the right position. It felt completely different and wonderful. I was doing oblique crunches (high plank) on the third to last round and last round. For my final squat, I did three 1-leg squats per side. It felt incredible and I did power breathe my way up from the bottom. First time trying that with the right side. On the last round of balance lunges, I got a rec aide to assist me for my first attempt at suspended lunges. 6 per side, with my hands on top and lightly touching his to just make sure I wouldn't fall over. I didn't :)

On to the spin bike. 18:00, 6.10 miles. Just a nice and easy ride.

During the drive up to the base, I thought a lot about fear, and how much it has been holding me back in different parts of my life. I decided not to let fear get the better of me in my workout, and was very pleased that I was able to do things on the TRX like 1-legged squats, high plank crunches (oblique even!), and suspended lunges. I've been afraid to try things that I might not be able to successfully do, and I'm tired of that fear controlling my life. I've been living in a lot of fear and denial over the last 4 years, and it's time to stop because I can now see how much it's hurting me and those around me. I feel like I made great progress today not only in my workout, but in realizing how much I have to come to terms with to move forward with my life. What an absolute relief. Here's to moving on!

That was then
This is now

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