Sunday, May 6, 2012

Here we go again

This morning, I was excited when I got a little bit more range of motion in my ankle. It cracked and I suddenly had about 80% dorsiflexion compared to my left foot. Very good progress.

I carried on my day as usual, doing laundry, vacuuming, gardening, and cooking. Pretty much on my feet the entire day. When I finally sat down while made from scratch organic apple pie was baking in the oven, I took my shoes off and was surprised how much my feet hurt. I could hardly get up again. After watching a movie in bed while eating a slice of my apple pie a la mode, I walked to the kitchen without my shoes on. I could hardly make it. Putting any weight on my heel was really painful.

The medial side of my ankle has been itchy for the last couple of days. I have to be careful not to scratch through the skin, as I have very little awareness of minor pain anymore. I took my socks off to take a look at my foot and noticed that the swelling has gotten worse and the temperature is considerably warmer than the other foot. This doesn't make me happy. I'll keep an eye on it tomorrow. If it's not getting better I'll go back to my doctor on Monday. I took some benadryl to see if the itching will subside.

I'm worried that I'm having a reaction to something that has been locked up in the joint and is being released now that I'm getting more range of motion. Of course the nurse in the house thinks I'm overreacting, but with all I've been through nothing would surprise me anymore. There was never any known reason why I had the reactions to the initial surgery. Perhaps the extra bone he removed and then used as filler had gotten infected. Perhaps I had a rare reaction to the artificial bone matrix. If it was just a reaction to the screw then I shouldn't be having any further problems related to it since it was removed almost 13 weeks ago.

So either it's just random inflammation on a day I didn't even go to the gym or do a workout or it's something more. I've had really bad arthritis pain in my left foot as well today. I give up.

Update- 7 May
Today's x-rays looked good but I shouldn't be having this much pain. I'm now on Duexis (800mg ibuprofen and 26.6mg famotidine) three times a day. Also got a refill on vicodin because the tramadol doesn't do as much for me. If the pain hasn't subsided in a few days, an MRI will be scheduled.

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