Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mother's Day to ME!

When we last left off, I was experiencing a severe bout of pain and inflammation. I decided to go off of my pain medication yesterday (again) and stick with just the ibuprofen. Just don't ask my kids about me right now or they'll tell you how mean I am. Pain med withdrawals never get any easier or pleasant. I figured the vicodin might be allowing me to do too much, so I need to be able to listen to my body a little better. With the ibuprofen, I can't tolerate all three 800mg pills a day but I can manage two with a handful of peppermint Tums with the evening dose. I'm walking better but am still in a tremendous amount of pain so my doctor is getting an MRI approved and scheduled for me. We want to make sure nothing is wrong. All bets are off when it comes to me so we're being safe.

I did a quick spin workout on May 8th. I went 7.14 mi in 20 minutes, which is a definite improvement from the first spin workout I did on May 1st (6.7 mi in 20 minutes). Besides that, I didn't do any workouts between May 3 and Mother's Day, May 13th.

I wanted to celebrate Mother's Day with a good, hard strength workout. I wasn't feeling that good since eating pizza and celebratory cake at my daughter's birthday party two days before. It was more that I didn't stop eating the cake all weekend that kept me feeling icky. It's almost gone, and then I'll be safe again. I'm obviously weak when it comes to chocolate cake with chocolate mousse. Even though I hadn't done a strength workout in 10 days, I wanted to push it a little. However, I allowed plenty of recovery time so it stretched from the final two hours of Desperate Housewives (is it really over?? so sad, I've watched and re-watched this show for years...) to well after midnight.

Joint Mobility

10 kg presses 1-2-3 with one assisted pull-up at the end of each rung, three rounds

1-leg DL (assisted on the right side with my hand on my bed for balance), 16 kg, 5+5
Partial TGU, 10 kg, 5+5 (12 kg felt too heavy for some reason so I played it safe)
Goblet squat, 10 kg, 10
Windmill, 10 kg on bottom and 8 kg on top, 5+5
Double swings, 2- 10 kg kettlebells, 10 (felt incredibly awesome, and was my first time with double kettlebell swings since before surgery)
Overhead squat, 10 kg, 5+5

16 kg swings
15, 10, 15, 10, 15, 10, 15, 10 = 100 swings

The biggest news about the workout besides feeling wonderful while doing it is that I was barefoot! My first barefoot workout in months. I tried a little in the beginning but really needed the support of shoes. I'm going to try to do more barefoot walking and exercising. I know it can only help me. My biggest obstacle with that is how sensitive the area around my calcaneus (heel bone) is. Every time I put weight on my foot, it feels like the bone is driving into the ground with no padding between it and the hard floor. Socks and shoes help provide some comfort, and especially the little heel cup things my doctor gave me to use last week. I wore them in my flats when I went to church and I was able to leave the boot at home this week. Good stuff.

Recovery is still one day at a time. I had a really bad week last week. I hope to make this a good one. In fact, with the things I have planned, I know it will be.

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